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Med tusenvis av dedikerte fans, hundrevis av utsolgte konserter og en helt spesiell tilstedeværelse på scenen er The Buzz Lovers mer enn et tributeband til Nirvana, de gir deg en opplevelsen av en Nirvana-konsert.

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THE BUZZ LOVERS is a NIRVANA tribute band that not only creates the music and sound of the Seattle trio but also expertly recreates their image and energy. With subtlety, nuance, and skill, the band brings the audience as close as possible to that scene, that moment, and that state of mind. The show allows the audience to be carried away to the early 90s when NIRVANA was changing the essence of rock. From the instance the first chords sound, the emotion and energy in the audience are palpable.

THE BUZZ LOVERS expertly pays homage to NIRVANA. Cobain, Novoselic, and Grohl became the flag of a generation fighting against the system and THE BUZZ LOVERS carries this flag forward, infusing songs like Rape Me and In Bloom with the destruction and hedonism for which NIRVANA is remembered.

An uncountable number of successful concerts testify to the quality of THE BUZZ LOVERS. The power trio has spent the past seven years consistently touring through all of Spain and Portugal. They have also performed at festivals including En Vivo Madrid, En Vivo Bilbao, Primavera Trompetera and Viña Rock – all to large crowds. Spontaneous mosh pits, fans jumping on stage, and a general fever of excitement are routine at every show. Virtually everyone is transported to a real NIRVANA concert.

Hundreds of videos with thousands of views, numerous photos, and testimonials all confirm that THE BUZZ LOVERS are not just the best NIRVANA tribute band but also one of the best tribute bands in Europe.